The 'Pool Prevails Amidst a Late Spate at Loftus Road

Published on 20-Oct-2014 by srijan213

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The 'Pool Prevails Amidst a Late Spate at Loftus Road

It was one of those matches where a pint in had was better than the football.

Liverpool was plugging along at Loftus road, doing its best to join Qeen's Park Rangers in setting the game back 20 years.

Then, in the 85th minute, something changed. Maybe it took that long for any pre-game caffeine bombs to kick in. Maybe the sides decided that value for money was actually an honest concept. Who knows? But it was a welcome development.

From that point onward -- roughly seven minutes, including stoppage time -- a series of four goals rattled the twine, with the Reds banking three points on a 2-3 result.

Note two own-goals by QPR, with the first being totally avoidable in the 67th minute when Richard Dunne set a Premiership record; it was the tenth of his 10th career.

This match showed exactly why the Premiersip is the world's most competitive league. Rock-bottom QPR -- shameful defending and all -- gave a tough fight to a shaky Liverpool side.     

The departure of vampire Luis Suárez to FC Barcelona and the absence of Daniel Sturridge didn't help the 'Pool's cause. And Balotelli will hear about his careless miss for days to come.

No wonder that dude needs a minder!