The 'Pool Is Getting Its Act Together

Published on 10-May-2016 by srijan213

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The 'Pool Is Getting Its Act Together

Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool is maturing into a figurative fine wine with these passing days.

The Reds were smooth again in their mastery of the Watford Hornets, blanking them, 2-0 .

Unlike Jerry Lee Lewis, they've finally settled their feet and nerves.

Easy to do when one of England's most decorated clubs -- and one of the wealthiest -- rises to the level of its available talent.

Joe Allen gave the 'Pool a reason to be happy, as if there was nothing else to be happy about:

The Reds are finally using their heads and feet in unison.

Roberto Firmino has found himself a home away from home on Merseyside, and he's the sort who thrives at home:

Very few dudes can save a shot like that from a Brazilian.

Liverpool's got a shot at a Europa League spot with a victory over Chelsea this weekend, if a few other results go their way.

Next season, however, could well be a vintage year.