The 'Pool Coulda Put Up 60 on Aston Villa

Published on 18-Feb-2016 by srijan213

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The 'Pool Coulda Put Up 60 on Aston Villa

Injured heroes return, and Liverpool go off like a Roman candle.

The Red Army finally marched in the right direction, lighting up Villa Park, 0-6 against a home side that appears resigned to life at the Championship level next season.

When Jürgen Klopp's got a full complement of talent, these dudes look ominous.

Daniel Sturridge recently returned from injuries and got back to the scorebook straight away:

It is perfecto.

Villain keeper Mark Bunn must need glasses. Dude tracked this shot from James Milner like it was on a North Korean radar:

And they say bend it like Beckham.

Emre Can then put more misery on Villa, as his aim was true:

It was a definitely a good day at the office for Liverpool's front men -- and it wasn't even their office -- as Divock Origi scored Liverpool’s fourth:

Nathaniel Clyne got tired of defending and went striker mode:

Work hard until you get want you want.

Liverpool then did their impression of Fifa 16 with Kolo Touré capping the action: