The Netherlands Miss Luis van Gaal, Big Time

Published on 7-Sep-2015 by srijan213

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The Netherlands Miss Luis van Gaal, Big Time

What's with the Dutch?

The latest version of Clockwork Orange has been running slow ever since their amazing World Cup showing.

The team that did so well under Luis van Gaal is in agony, losing 3-0 to a pedestrian-at-best crew from Turkey.

Give the Turks credit, though, for putting some hustle in their bustle, putting their spin on Holland's old finger-in-the-dike rescue story.

The Dutch witnessed these neo-Ottomans' full wrath and now are left skating on thin ice for qualification to Euro 2016's bracket extravaganza.

Turkey scored their first 'way too easily, on an O─čuzhan Özyakup romp in the eighth minute:

The gap's so big in The Netherlands' defense that KLM could put it into their flight patterns.

At least their defense was closer in the 26th minute, but Arda Turan still probably thought he was just getting a police escort:

It was more like Wile ECoyote trying to catch the Roadrunner.

Ever since South Africa 2010, the Dutch have been infamous for their physicality. Not so much anymore, according to Burak Yilmaz:

The polders have been broken.