The March Halts for Leicester City

Published on 2-Mar-2016 by srijan213

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The March Halts for Leicester City

The MIdlands fairy tale has taken a small detour, thanks to a Midlands nemesis.

Leicester City now has a rough road ahead if they expect to achieve their underdog dream of bumping the Premiership's big brands for the conference crown.

And it was none other than West Bromwich Albion denying them two low-hanging points by managing a 2-2 draw on the Foxes' home ground.

Everything's seemed like it's been right there for Leicester this season, too.

City was stunned early on, as José Rondón hit twine in only the 11th minute:

He'd probably do well in wrestling, too.

The Foxes have cashed in on their share of luck this season, and the deflection gods were still smiling in their general direction here. This time, they bestowed their blessings upon Danny Drinkwater for an equalizer:

That made it look like business as unual for the Foxes, and they pounced for the lead in time added before the half with a score that was was as clever as their name implies:

Riyad Mahrez, as always, wasn't shy about showcasing his skills, setting up a perfect finish by Andy King:

But five minutes after play resumed, Craig Gardner broke about a million Midlands hearts:

That's as perfect as one can pop a free kick.