The Foxes Aren't Doing Themselves Any Favors

Published on 18-Apr-2016 by srijan213

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The Foxes Aren't Doing Themselves Any Favors

Leicester City blew more than two points against West Ham this weekend.

They also blew their cool, and at this stage of the season, that wasn't exactly a judicious move.

True, the day could've been worse but for a penalty conversion in time added on salvaging a 2-2 draw that may yet cost them dearly.

What with Tottenham's 0-4 smackdown of Stoke City, the Spurs are now only five points off the lead with four matches left to play.

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It looked like business as usual for the Cinderellas when their out-of-nowhere hero, Jamie Vardy, put them on the board 18 minutes into the action:

Nothing like an end-to-end build-up to endear fans and onlookers alike to this crew.

However, Vardy should've remembered who he was, which isn't Greg Louganis. Or any one of the World Cup's masters, for that matter.

This was inexcusable, especially as he was sitting on a yellow card already:

And what's he doing, making contact with the referee? Ban City. Worse yet, it could be extended Ban City.

Think Ramones, dude. From Pinhead:

D-U-M-B ... Everyone's accusing me!

As well they should.

Leicester may embody consummate team play, but make no mistake, Vardy is the flywheel that makes everything go. His loss had a notable effect on the game's final half hour.

As in the 1-0 lead going up in smoke. On a penalty, no less:

Andy Carroll doesn’t miss those.

Things turned worse for the Foxes when the Hammers came up with another goal.

Aaron Cresswell surely knows how to silence the leaders.

A wee dram of magic remained, however, as Leicester City pulled out a late, late penalty to avoid being crunched by the jaws of defeat:

At least Leonardo Ulloa hadn't turned into a pumpkin.

So now, the wait on Vardy's fate continues.

There's a human element in most human decisions -- just ask anyone who saw this match being officiated -- and that's when another factor may shade the Foxes' fortunes.

They may be Cinderellas to the general public, but they're outlaws to the suits in English football's boardrooms.

In essence, the perception is that Leicester City got away with football's version of laundering.

Back in the 1970s, Elton John put wads of dosh into his favorite side, the Watford Hornets, a woebegone club that only knew the lower divisions. With his cash and manager Graham Taylor's Route One football, the Hornets rose to the top tier.

Lesser-monied wannabe owners tried the same thing, but their over-reach bankrupted a few small clubs. So rules were passed putting limits on club revenue sources and the extent of their year-over-year growth.

City stands accused of channeling non-football revenue through its team sponsor to skirt those rules. It looks like they could get away with it as long as they don't get relegated at some point.

The Foxes are still an unfashionable side to the football establishment, so they've got no pull in judgment calls. Tottenham does.

Vardy has reason to be nervous. If the extended ban happens, he won't be back until Sat 7 May.

City needs eight points to clinch the title. Stay tuned.

Leicester City and Tottenham remaining fixtures

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