The Belgian Generation Is Now

Published on 12-Jun-2015 by srijan213

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The Belgian Generation Is Now

Belgium has had its peaks and valleys for couple of years, now, showing flashes of championship quality only to snuff them with pedestrian errors.

But they put it all together against an elite French squad in a surprisingly dominant showing that the 3-4 scoreline belied.

Belgium is now a complete package. Starting from the 'keeper and extending to the striker, deservingly well-known names were everywhere, and France had to endure their fury.

The Afro-Man of Belgium, Marouane Fellaini, got the show going:

He's risen to hero from zero for both country and club.

Dude wasn't done, either:

Well, if you've got the extra padding, use it.

The Red Devils had no intention of laying back and protecting their cushion, either:

The 'keeper must've been wondering if it was just a bad day to be in the starting lineup. Maybe Belgians and his biorhythms didn't mix.

But France are no ordinary team. They know how to come back. And they did:

Mathieu Valbuena may be small in stature but not on his football skills.

If there's a penalty, then who else to take it other than the spotkick sensei himself:

No chance for a miss.

Still girded for battle, the French kicked it into a higher gear:

Rockets aren't stopped. And Nabil Fekir launched one.

Another substitute, Dimitri Payet, joined Fekir on the pitch and in the scorebook, as France closed in:

What else could the 'keeper do but stare?

But that was the last French salvo. Belgium's defense had held on.

And after all, a win’s a win, even in a friendly.


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