Super Agüero Hands Spurs a Home Defeat

Published on 4-May-2015 by srijan213

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Super Agüero Hands Spurs a Home Defeat

As big fish go in the Premiership, this was one of those clashes of the titans that pop up every so often on the fixture list.

And it was decided by the mightiest of gladiators, Sergio Agüero, in the White Hart Lane crucible.

Manchester City hung it on the young guns of Tottenham with a 0-1 scoreline to jump into second place.

Spurs v Citizens is always a hot encounter. This match was true to tradition, although more goals wouldn't have gone amiss.

Agüero showcased his stuff to collect all three points for City:

That's what hockey players call the two-hole, a true sniper's mark.

The faithful at White Hart Lane hate the site of this man. Dude always scores against the Spurs.

Tottenham have lost their pace since the departure of Gareth Bale. Had he not left, he would have had one or two things to tell the men in blue. At least, they'd like to think so. In reality, though, if that would've gone any further is anyone's guess.

With this result, Champions League qualification is firmly in City's grasp. Since Chelsea have snatched the Sky Blues’ title, it was the only thing left for them.

Still, Arsenal and Manchester United are right on their tail. There's still work to be done.

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