Suárez, Barcelona Cruise Past a Zlatan-Free PSG

Published on 18-Apr-2015 by srijan213

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Suárez, Barcelona Cruise Past a Zlatan-Free PSG

It was a tough task for Paris-St Germain to knock Chelsea out of the Champions League.

But Barcelona proved to be just too big of a bite to swallow for the French leaders.

Star-studded Barça easily saw off PSG with a comfortable 1-3 road win.

Lionel Messi may not be at the peak of his goal-scoring proficiency right now, but Barça are slowly reclaiming their previous prominence. The French giants weren't that resistant to the Spanish bulldozers.

Messi may not be lighting it up like Ronaldo, but he is not selfish, either.

Great team play and a great finish. But it must also be said: poor defending.

Suárez showed that he's not just about doing the chomp but is also capable of individual brilliance as well. That came to the fore as he delivered Barça’s second:

David Luiz looked afraid that he would get bitten like his ex-team-mate Branislav Ivanović, too.

Can’t question the dudes’ skills, though. He's a mad genius.

Luiz again looked like a deer in headlights in front of Suárez, as he blew past him like a ghost through walls:

Now, that's an unstoppable goal. The Uruguayan is in terrific form right now.

Barcelona scored again, but this one may have been out of sympathy for PSG not having Zlatan Ibrahimović available. After all, if he can't get out of his own way, that means someone else could get in it:

No one knew they were that generous.

With PSG having to travel to Barcelona for the second leg, the chances of their going through are slim and none.

And Slim left town.

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