Steven Naismith Is Chelsea's Latest Nightmare

Published on 13-Sep-2015 by srijan213

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Steven Naismith Is Chelsea's Latest Nightmare

It's more than a rumor that Chelsea are the Premiership's defending champions, but the way they've started the 2015-2016 campaign confirms the need for history books.

Steven Naismith stunned the Blues with an impressive hat trick as Everton romped to a 3-1 collection of trois points.

This is an experience the crew from Stanford Bridge haven't known since their pre-Chelski days. Still, Mr Mourinho’s arrogance has yet to hit the ground.

The warning signs were there early, too, as Naismith tallied his first of the three:

This is the sole reason why coaches tell the kids to keep running till they drop.

His second was even better, as Chelsea got dead silent:

That's some serious eye-of-the-needle stuff.

After that humbler, Chelsea rallied to display a fleeting glimpse of what the football world has come to expect of them:

Even better than the Toffees's strike.

Judging by the way how Chelsea have been playing, Naitsmith's hatter was definitely on the cards. And the chips were his:

Unfortunately for Mourinho, his charges don't seem to share his haughty attitude these days.