Spurs Stumble; Leicester's Magic Number Is at 3

Published on 26-Apr-2016 by J Square Humboldt

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Spurs Stumble; Leicester's Magic Number Is at 3

Putting the situation in perspective:

The British bookmakers have allegedly set the odds of a confirmed Sasquatch sighting in 2016 at 5000:1.

Those are the same odds Leicester City got for winning the Premiership title.

The crypto-creature's still playing hide-&-seek, but the Foxes are a five-point margin away from costing the bookies a cool £10million.

All City needs now to complete its surprise rise from relegation contender to champion is three points from its three remaining matches:

Premiership table

The best Tottenham Hotspur can do is collect nine points from the three tilts they have left for a max total of 78.

Foxes Spurs remaining schedule

This is because the Foxes held serve with a 4-0 drubbing of Swansea, while the Spurs were held to a frustrating 1-1 rope-a-dope draw by West Brom Albion.

If Sasquatch ever does show up, odds are it'll be because Baggies coach Tony Pulis signed him.

Or not.

Dude made his reputation at Stoke City by rolling out big, physical players with motors pegging the red line for a full 90 minutes. Looks like he's installing the same blueprint with his new club.

They caused trouble enough, and with a bit of woodwork assistance, West Brom gave a huge boost to their Midlands brethren's title hopes.

The Foxes didn't need Jamie Vardy against the Swans, but Manchester United is another story. Vardy's extended suspension will make for a tall order at Old Trafford.

Meanwhile, crosstown rivals Chelsea haven't lost a league match to Tottenham at Stamford Bridge since 1990.

But this is a season of long odds.

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