Spurs Still Have Eyes on the Title

Published on 21-Mar-2016 by srijan213

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Spurs Still Have Eyes on the Title

Tottenham is closer than they've been in donkey's years to winning the Premiership.

But overcoming a five-point deficit with seven games left on the schedule is a tall order.

Premiership top three

Spurs showcased a wonderful display of their abilities against Bournemouth, blanking the Cherries, 3-0, to keep the pressure level high on Leicester City.

When you're chasing the pacesetters, you want to get things going quickly, and Tottenham did, literally:

This is why Harry Kane is the favorite son at White Hart Lane.

Spurs' second goal didn't take long to follow:

The perfect play with the perfect pass and a perfect finish from a weaker foot. The Hurricane's legend continues to grow.

Dude's not just about goals, either:

Christian Erikson is capable of scoring on 'way more difficult chances than that one, too.

Leicester City's got a white-hot club on its tail. The race really isn't over.