Spurs Not Fazed by Britannia Stadium's Cacophony

Published on 13-Sep-2016 by srijan213

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Spurs Not Fazed by Britannia Stadium's Cacophony

The loudest ground in the Premiership wasn't enough to dampen Tottenham's attack.

Stoke City couldn't handle the talent at Spurs' disposal, getting thumped 0-4 at their iconic stadium.

These noisemakers could well be the West Midlands' best fans, if not the entire league's.

However, their club isn't picking up on the vibe.

What they say is, they gotta raise their game.

 Heung-Min Son got first blood for Tottenham.

Dude popped an even better one to truly send Spurs on their way to trois points:

Dele Alli may have underwhelmed for England, but he surely does for Tottenham.

Like this:

As if Spurs' striking power needs any help.

Harry Kane also joined in on the fun, adding a coda to the proceedings:

Stoke's got the height, but Spurs have the might.