Southampton Isn't that Southampton Anymore

Published on 15-May-2015 by srijan213

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Southampton Isn't that Southampton Anymore

Southampton had a dream start to their 2014-2015 campaign, with a possibility of even qualifying for the Champions League.

But what matters is consistency.

The Saints cast aside a few big brands in their path, but are now stumbling, themselves, as they edge closer to the finish line.

Leicester City, for example, derailed them, 2-0, as part of their own desperate drive to remain in the Premiership.

A wonderful solo run from Riyah Mahrez gave the Saints a mountain to climb and Leicester the lead.

That's how you make the world remember your name.

Then, the Saints got hit with both barrels as Mahrez was in for a brace.

Leicester have finally found a true fox in the box.

The Champions League may be long gone from Southampton's aspirations, but the Europa League is still there for the taking. They need to suit up.

Leicester, on the other hand, have a lifeline and a chance for survival in the Premiership.

This had better be their month.