Sepp's Gonna Be Suspended by FIFA's Ethics Committee

Published on 07-Oct-2015 by Alan Adamsson
Soccer / Soccer Daily Update

An ethics committee? Who knew?

They're closing in on the bunker.

Chief FIFA weasel should never have broken his word to not run for re-election.

Maybe then, his successor would've held a less corrupt bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup sites. And maybe then:

But that would've required seeing beyond his arrogance and assuming his cronies would keep their mouths shut.

One didn't.

And poof! Game over. Set and match to follow.

Which they will.

The old bastard's No 2 dude already went down:

Is everyone at the Wolf's Lair FIFA HQ in Zürich on the take?

Inquiring minds want to know:

Dude might've just found FIFA's next prez.

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