Sepp Blatter Gets a Dosh Shower

Published on 20-Jul-2015 by srijan213

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Sepp Blatter Gets a Dosh Shower

Football's No 1 bastard-in-residence, Mr Sepp Blatter, received a symbolic reminder as to what a dirtbag he truly is.

FIFA's bent president just as characteristically couldn't see past his own nose as his press conference in Zürich was about to witness an unexpected guest.

That man was British comedian Simon Brodkin, aka Lee Nelson and/or Jason Bent, who quickly announced:

Sepp, this is for North Korea in 2026.

Take a bow, bro.

Jason Bent tweet

FIFA's corrupt codger waved for security to usher the comic away but soon came back to the pile of cash.

Trying to check if it's real, are we?

After bringing the sport's governing body to the nadir of shame, Blatter seemingly continues to hide behind a veil of obliviousness:

This has nothing to do with football.

Frankly, the world can't wait until he has nothing to do with football.

The football world can only hope Blatter truly goes down harder than the Queen's Park Rangers.