Saints Get Socked by Toffs

Published on 16-Aug-2015 by srijan213
Soccer / Soccer Daily Update

Took the air outa the Saints.

Southampton got the sticky end of the wicket after mixing it up with the Toffees.

Everton rolled the Saints, 0-3, to spoil the Premiership season's return to England's south coast.

Southampton are traditional underdogs who specialize in stunners, but this time around, they took a reality check to the chops.

Everton may have endured a bad run last season, but they're looking oh-so-capable of changing that.

Romelu Lukaku skied high to register the Toffs' first goal:

And dude was not content with just a header. A striker’s gotta shoot, too.

Maybe the meek shall inherit the Earth, but the Saints aren't gonna win many matches by defending that way.

Everton's third goal was the match capper:

No one saves that kind of a curler.

Everton have a gem in Ross Barkley.

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