Rooney's a Father Figure for England?

Published on 14-Oct-2014 by srijan213

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Rooney's a Father Figure for England?

England have actually started their Euro Cup qualifications with a bang.

OK, it was against Estonia, but hell, a bang's a bang.

The Three Lions now top Group E with three wins in three after defeating an undermanned 10-man Sinisärgid side. That's the local lingo for Blueshirts, by the way. Hockey is the sport in this Baltic enclave, but that moniker has nothing to do with more renowned Broadway Blueshirts. At least, that's the assumption.

The new England captain -- who also happens to be the suspended Manchester United captain -- Wayne Rooney stepped up once again for his country. A stunning free kick curling towards the near post of goalkeeper Sergei Pareiko just 17 minutes from full time gave the Three Lions a laboured maximum-point result.

Talk about practice making perfect! Here was Rooney in the team practice prior to match time:

Rooney's mindless tackle on West Ham's Stuart Downing produced the red card that gave him ample time to prepare for this qualfier, and his marker showed once again why his tantrums are tolerated. Dude's a goal machine as well as an assist magician.

After the retirement of former England captain Steven Gerrard, it seems like Rooney is the man for England’s success. His fellow teammate on the national side, Jack Wilshere, doesn’t just call Rooney the “daddy” of England for no reason.

The rest of the nation just hopes he can lead them to the mother of all European trophies.