Rooney Rages Again

Published on 2-Oct-2014 by srijan213

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Rooney Rages Again

Wayne Rooney may be England's best striker, but that still doesn't have many privileges with referees.

Besides his amazing footballing gifts, he's almost as well-known for his anger. Rooney burst onto the scene at the tender age of 16 and ever since has been scoring and throwing tantrums.

He did both again this past week against West Ham United. As a result, the Red Devils won the match but lost their captain for a few days, as mandated by the FA:

Rooney’s anger has taken the best of him in numerous occasions. One of the more infamous was his nard shot against Portugal during the 2006 World Cup:

Dude, really.

Prior to his unnecessary and dangerous tackle on Stuart Downing, Rooney was in the book for a similar tackle whilst playing against Cardiff City last season. Obviously, his madness has a method, and it's not helping the United cause.

With Everton and Chelsea on the docket in two of their next three fixtures, Rooney’s absence will be welcomed by the opposition. But all is not over yet. Manchester United now bring either Juan Mata or Adnan Januzaj into the side.

Mata was the one of the Premiership's Player of the Year during his two seasons with the Blues. If selected, his performance could well cast doubt on Rooney's return to the starting XI. Six red cards in his football career indicate a serial offender, and with the Red Devils' struggles to date, it may well be the manager Luis van Gaal will be looking for alternatives.