Ronaldo Snipe Seals El Clásico

Published on 3-Apr-2016 by srijan213

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Ronaldo Snipe Seals El Clásico

The mother of all rivalries had everything one could want from a football match.

Real Madrid isn't even be the top team in its own city right now, so it came into this edition of El Clásico loaded for bear against mighty Barcelona.

Safe to say Los Blancos got what they wanted, as they claimed a 1-2 victory at Camp Nou.

It doesn't do much for the La Liga race ...

La Liga standings

... but then, El Clásico is not just a football match.

Nor is it just a Lionel Messi v Cristiano Ronaldo showdown.

This one's about pride, honor, and bragging rights.

Among other motivations, Real also had an earlier 0-4 whitewash to avenge.

However, the match didn't unfold that way. After a scoreless first half, Gerard Piqué sliced and diced his way through the visiting defense, exciting home boys all through Catalonia:

Pepe lost both his hair and his head, it seems.

But Barça's ecstasy lasted only six minutes. That's when Karim Benzema one-upped the locals:

Dude's not a renowned sniper for no reason.

Real's route to victory, though, was not without incident.

April Fool’s Day came late when Gareth Bale’s goal got disallowed.

So, jumping higher than your opponent is regarded as foul these days?

Then, in the 85th minute, came Real's savior and the only rival to Messi and his magic.

Just as he did against Belgium earlier in the week,Cristiano Ronaldo wrapped it all up:

And they say dude scores only against small clubs.

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