Ronaldo’s Personal Record Book Keeps Growing

Published on 17-Sep-2015 by srijan213

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Ronaldo’s Personal Record Book Keeps Growing

OK, it was shooting fish in a barrel, but the match was on Real Madrid's schedule.

So what was Cristiano Ronaldo to do?

As Real defeated Espanyol, 0-6, dude couldn't help but continunig to find twine.

Real Madrid are a dominant team and Espanyol don’t need to be told a second time. Ronaldo rained hell down upon them as the Spanish juggernaut kept their trend of smashing small teams going.

Ronaldo quickly got to his duty of scoring goals:

Dude's one v one on his right foot. There's no clearer outcome than this.

Ronaldo then showcased his talent that Barcelona fans love the most: a penalty:

Barça fans actually hate it, because he's that efficient.

The match ball got owned by the goal machine as he posted his hatter:

Which part of the body can he not score with? Amazing.

Ronaldo's not as selfish as people call him. Dude can be generous:

The show did not stop there for Ronaldo. He was just an Energizer Bunny on the day:

This is why Real is the best counter-attacking team in the world.

And Ronaldo always finds space in a crowded area:

It never gets old watching him score.