Ronaldo’s Five-Spot Rings Up Another Record

Published on 9-Apr-2015 by srijan213

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Ronaldo’s Five-Spot Rings Up Another Record

Cristiano Ronaldo has broken so many records, and he's still found a new one to add to his collection.

Real Madrid tore Granada to pieces in a 9-1 massacre to re-establish their return to the standards expected of them.

The turning point in this one was when Granada appeard on Los Blancos' schedule, but it was a memorable night nonetheless for the current best player on Earth, Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese sensation amassed five goals in a match for the first time. It was also his fastest ever hat trick, taking just under eight minutes. Apparently, he still has some records to break.

First up for Real was a display of nimble play:

Granada defenders were too slow for that Bugatti-beater, none other than Ronaldo hizzownself:

For the next one, we got to see to sheer class from the Ballon d’Or winner:

Getting a volley right can be challenging, but with all the chaos provided by the opposition, it becomes even more difficult. That is, for anyone not named Ronaldo.

The hat trick was capped by one of his favorite tactics, the knuckleball:

Dips are good for KFC, but not for footballs. Right, Señor Goalkeeper, sir?

And that's how you ring up a hat trick in under eight minutes with no penalty shots.

The mega-star wasn't done yet. He still had some bullets in his chamber.

See? Gareth Bale isn't always a selfish dude. Ronaldo owes him a dinner ... or even a Rolex. Hell, that's petty cash for him.

Finally, he was off it all with a late strike.

And then there was five. Ronaldo's trailblazing continues.