Ronaldo Rescues Portugal from Another Minnow Ambush

Published on 14-Nov-2014 by srijan213

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Ronaldo Rescues Portugal from Another Minnow Ambush

Portugal got the job done against Armenia, but not as expected.

For a nation that claims the greatest footballer of current time, Cristiano Ronaldo, an end score of 1-0 against the European Cup newbies is in no way satisfactory except for the precious three points.

Armenia had to hold up against a tidal wave of attacks from the Portuguese, but they stood  their ground. Sorely, too, as the Portuguese picked up seven yellows along the way.

As always, though, it was SuperRonaldo who broke the deadlock in the 72nd minute. Nani’s darting run towards the ball allowed Ronaldo to score from the six yard box in his second attempt. He doesn’t miss form there.

Yes, it was Armenia, but this was still a key match for Portugal. A draw would've been a disastrous drop of two points for the side that most figured to be the odds-on table topper in Group I. They have a game in hand on the Danes, but that loss is inexplicably and unexcusably to frog-hunting Albania.

Portugal v Albania

Ronaldo’s amazing form cannot always get the job done; there's only so much the Portuguese sensation can do. And his fellow Seleção mates had best start doing it. Recall that their scoring stud was out of the Albania match due to injury. Frankly, it doesn't seem like much else has improved.

Even a sabre-tooth tiger needs more than one tooth.