Robert Lewandowski Is a Goal-Scoring Machine

Published on 6-Oct-2015 by srijan213

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Robert Lewandowski Is a Goal-Scoring Machine

Robert Lewandowski is in the proverbial zone.

Bayern Münich blasted Dynamo Zagreb, 5-0, in Champions League action last week that saw Super-R net a hat trick.

Given Bayern’s standards, it was an exercise in roadkill, and unlike the English teams, Bayern doesn't fall prey to the poor.

The German juggernaut was quick to hit the scoreboard, compliments of new boy Douglas Costa:

Apparently, this crew can score from any angle.

Dynamo Zagreb was totally out of its element, which showed as Bayern popped two more into the twine:

They teach unselfish football in Bayern Munich,

And how to bully a pitch, as well.

When Lewandowski collected his second, he was a bit doubtful about it:

The Germans seem to have a way with goals like that.

Sometimes they get the benefit:

And other times, they refuse to get over it:

There was absolutely no doubt about Lewandowski's hatter goal, though. Quality touch:

Quite a performance, but it still takes a back seat to his day against Wolfsburg:

Dude's potted 19 goals so far this season, with an incredible run of 12 in his last four games alone:

Lewandowski goals

His boots must be so hot, they're smokin'.