Revival Powers Are Still Alive with the 'Pool

Published on 9-Mar-2016 by srijan213

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Revival Powers Are Still Alive with the 'Pool

Liverpool took a minute to win it and claimed more than just a game.

The Reds amazingly pulled one out of the hat at Selhurst Park, dropping Crystal Palace, 1-2, in the process.

At this time of the season, when even one point feels like three, Liverpool actually corralled all trois points. The Eagles, who are hanging by a thin thread above the relegation zone, felt as if they were losing their grip.

Palace actually began the game on Cloud Nine, as Joe Ledley guided the way:

Liverpool's defenders need to clear their mind, but above all, they need to clear the ball.

But this was the Merseysiders' kind of day. Gifts abounded, like being handed the ball -- literally -- for the equalizer.

Roberto Firmino, a card-carrying Brazilian football artiste, will never miss such a chance.

To make matters worse for the Eagles, a penalty was awarded in time added on.

Christian Benteke scored it like a boss.

Bummer for the Palace. A precious point was right in front of them, and then, just like that ...

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