Red Devils Revel in Their Imminent Champions League Return

Published on 23-Aug-2015 by srijan213

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Red Devils Revel in Their Imminent Champions League Return

After an unintended break from Champions League action, Manchester United are thisclose to regaining status.

The Red Devils defeated Club Brugge, 3-1, in what was a relatively pedestrian qualifier win for the Reds.

The Reds could have had a tougher opponent but instead they got a free pass from Club Brugge. Now they must show they were merely distracted by the scoreless draw against Newcastle and secure their Champions place with a strong second-leg performance.

As a measure of how much they controlled this match, they're the only ones who scored. Period.

Pinball. Two deflections and it finds the bottom corner.

After that, it was time for The Memphis Show.

The first United goal to count for United was just a magical effort from Memphis Depay:

This is what Jersey No 7 needs to do early and often at Old Trafford.

And dude was just getting warmed up:

Great feint. Cannon of a shot. A new Ronaldo in the making, it seems.

What's more, The Memphis Show can deliver brilliant crosses like these:

Yowza! Football's version of a buzzer beater! Looks like Marouane Fellaini has finally found quality service.

And United now has something to take their mind off the David de Gea saga.