Red Devils Lift the Shield

Published on 8-Aug-2016 by srijan213

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Red Devils Lift the Shield

Well, that didn't take long.

Manchester United grabbed the new season's first available hardware and put a smiling shrug on the mug of José Mourinho in the process.

The Red Devils claimed England's Community Shield by ignoring the run of play and posting a 2-1 scoreline.

What's more, retired Swedish international Zlatan Ibrahimović put his noggin where his words were to make it happen. All the more reason why the Land of Three Crowns turned his name into a verb.

Dude would probably have preferred his name to describe bonking, but the Swedes sorta have that genre covered.

Mourinho always seems to win a trophy in his first season, and so it was here.

Jesse Lingard has been excellent for United over time, and without N'Golo Kante on Fox patrol to inflict bodily harm, dude just probably scored the best goal of his career:

He took down the champions with a single run.

Jamie Vardy made full use of Maroune Fellaini’s mistake to level the game:

Fellaini's 'fro may have obscured his view on that one.

Then, in the 83rd minute, Ibrahimović proved to be a man of action with one of his trademark headers:

That flight with his height might not be as common in the Premiership, what with the league's taller defenders, but it was good enough here.

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