Red Devils, Gunners Go All Vanilla at Season's End

Published on 19-May-2015 by srijan213

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Red Devils, Gunners Go All Vanilla at Season's End

Usually, when big brands get together, a feisty encounter ensues.

But all Sunday’s walk in the park with Manchester United and Arsenal left out was a round of Kumbaya.

The atmosphere was more like an accountant firm's board meeting as the match ended 1-1 stalemate.

Actually, what with the total salaries on the pitch at Old Trafford, maybe that's what was actually happening.

Had Chelsea not made the title chase a one-horse race, this clash might've had more at stake, but frankly,  on this day, neither United nor Arsenal wanted to know.

For example, find another big match where this passes for defense:

Did the Black Knight hold a football clinic last week or something?

Now that's a committed player, dude.

Relatively speaking, United were the better team and thus were the first to score.

Are we looking at a young Paul Scholes? Maybe.

But how good is Ashley Young?

In the end, United’s favorite problem haunted them. Defence.

How unlucky can you get? Victor Valdes’ first appearance, and he concedes from his teammate.

United are now fourth, and Arsenal still have hope for a second spot.

If they're interested, that is.

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