Real Madrid Was Just Chasing Its Tail

Published on 16-May-2016 by srijan213

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Real Madrid Was Just Chasing Its Tail

It was only a mirage.

Real Madrid played as if their dream of a La Liga title was up for grabs, but not all aspirations have a happy ending.

Their season-ending 0-2 victory over Deportivo La Coruna was simply window dressing.

The league was as tight as it could have been but Barcelona were just a bit better, and being close just doesn't count.

At least, not in football. It's useful elsewhere.

Real’s favorite son, Cristiano Ronaldo, netted the first goal to keep their faux hopes alive:

Seems like their play always revolves around the One and Only.

Then again, why wouldn't it?

With that concept well in mind, Ronaldo sealed the game for Los Blancos with his second goal:

Everything dude touches is turning to goals in this one.

In spite of a Deadpoolian maximum effort from this crew, the season went to Barcelona. Real's gotta hold up two fingers domestically, but the Champions League is still up for grabs.