Real Madrid Still Nipping at Barça’s Heels

Published on 23-Apr-2015 by srijan213

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Real Madrid Still Nipping at Barça’s Heels

La Liga's race to the finish couldn't be any tighter.

Unlike the Premiership this season, Spain's title race has two horses running. Admittedly, they're the usual horses, but at least they're creating domestic drama.

With that in mind, Real Madrid took out Malaga, 3-1, to keep their title hopes alive.

Real remain just two points behind Barcelona.

La Liga standings

A slip-up would've meant Barça's lead would be extended to five, but Los Blancos maintained.

Tragedy struck early for Real in this one, as Bale had to be replaced early.

Bale injury

And no, critics, Ronaldo is not happy.

Later, Real’s star defender returned to his scoring ways. In the process, it must be asked: did Sergio Ramos rub garlic all over his body or something? How does he get this open on a set piece?

No one can provide a free kick assist like CR7.

Price of admission was then justified when James Rodríguez pulled this out of his top-drawer:

The play, the assist, and the shot ... all top notch from Los Blancos.

But they're still human, as evidenced by this display two minutes later:

Dudes are lucky they weren't asked to buy tickets, themselves. Great view of the action.

Iker Casillas is still an adventure between the sticks, too.

Finally, it was the subtle celebration master, Cristiano Ronaldo, who signed off for Real:

He can score anytime he wants, even when the clock is against him. And then, on the down low, it's party time:

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