Real Madrid Remains Relentless

Published on 25-Nov-2016 by srijan213

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Real Madrid Remains Relentless

The reigning Champions League title holders became just that for the exact reason they displayed against Sporting Lisbon.

Spanish giants Real Madrid invaded Portugal and claimed a 1-2 decision.

The victory keeps them in the hunt for Group F's top spot.

That'll be determined on Wed 7 Dec when the Galácticos host current leader Borussia Dortmund.

Champions League Group F standings

(A: Bracket bound; Y: Possible landing spot in the Europa League)

This was never really a match-up from the start, on paper or in the field.

It took Real a half-hour to realize the fruits of their dominance, with Raphael Varane applying the finish:.

Dude's slide tackle skills come in handily in more ways than one.

However, amidst their romp, the visitors were shocked by taking an embarrassing penalty ten minutes from time, which was converted oh-so-easily by Adrien Silva:

Duly chastened, Real got back down to business and potted the decider seven minutes later.

Turns out Karim Benzema had another goal left in him:

Very few strikers are as consistent using the ol' bean shot to score.

This dude'is one of them, taking heed of the proverbial dormouse: