Real Madrid is an Equal Opportunity Victor

Published on 19-Oct-2015 by srijan213

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Real Madrid is an Equal Opportunity Victor

Every season, Real Madrid has a ton of expectation to bear, but they carry it with such ease.

They're expected to win every match, which they obviously don't do, but they never take the routine opponents for granted, as evidence by crushing Levante, 3-0.

No one would bet against the mighty names in those all-white kits, but when it is against relegation candidate Levante -- 1-3-6 already -- the picture's pretty clear. The league leaders showed their class and Cristiano Ronaldo broke yet another record. But first:

It's starting to feel like a weekly deal now.

The first goal had Real written all over it:

Mr Announcer Dude! Don't mean to interrupt, but it's against Levante, for chrissakes! Only because Little Orange Cones aren't on the schedule. Loved the 'Stones reference, though; Keith Richards says Jumpin' Jack Flash is his all-time favorite composition.

Then came Ronaldo’s yet-another-record moment:

That right foot of his is a rifle. And no, to date, the goal posts still haven't moved.

Rafael Benítez finally had a bit of impact on the pitch with his sub, Jesé Rodriguez, scoring the third:

Right. Swiss legend William Tell. Full marks for that comparison.

As to getting excited about Real against this sort of opposition?