Real Madrid Humiliated in Less-than-Clásico

Published on 21-Nov-2015 by srijan213

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Real Madrid Humiliated in Less-than-Clásico

The latest rendition of this mighty rivalry turned out to be something that no one expected.

Real Madrid wasn't the real deal, as Barcelona owned them, 0-4, in their own house.

El Clásico is usually dramatic, but this time it was more notable for the massive police presence outside the stadium than what was occurring in it. Real looked like schoolboys learning at the feet of Barcelona's masters.

It was that man-eater from Barça, Luis Suarez, take the first bite out of Real:

Pass, pass, pass, and score. It's the Barça mantra.

Neymar has been excellent in the absence of Lionel Messi, and the Galá​​​cticos got a vivid reminder of that fact:

Apparently, everything he shoots turns to goal.

Real were being bullied in their own home as a third one went in:

Barça's spending all its skills points in one game, it seems.

After such misery, you'd want to just close your eyes and make it all go away. And that's exactly what Real's defense did:

Cristiano Ronaldo & Co need to wake up now.