Real Madrid Gets a Ronaldo Hatter to Shock Wolfsburg

Published on 13-Apr-2016 by srijan213

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Real Madrid Gets a Ronaldo Hatter to Shock Wolfsburg

When the going gets tough, Real gets real.

Los Blancos staged one of the greatest comebacks in their storied history.

This was not good news to Wolfsburg, who tumbled out of the tourney by being blanked, 3-0. Conversely, Real Madrid advances to the Champions League semi-finals, 3-2, on aggregate.

It was a stunning reversal of the egg they laid in Germany.

Real Madrid's one and only savior, Cristiano Ronaldo, was quite at home being on the business end of their bracket hopes revival, and it showed as he set the tone for things to come:

Give dude that much space, and you deserve what you get.

In a match where Real needed both accuracy and efficiency, it was soon a two shots, two goals scenario in Santiago Bernebau from you know who:

Wolfsburg was reeling. This was still the first half!

And there was time left. Enough for this:

The bazooka gets rolled out when it's needed the most.

So much for the myth that Ronaldo can't score against big teams in big matches.