Real Madrid Dumped in Da Haus

Published on 7-Apr-2016 by srijan213

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Real Madrid Dumped in Da Haus

Wolfsburg isn't just for factory workers anymore.

Actually, it hasn't been for some time, as Real Madrid can attest.

After defeating the mighty Barcelona earlier in the week, the Spanish giants sauntered up to Volkswagen's headquarters only to find the company team can still control emissions.

As in Real's emissions.

Los Blancos got totally filtered in a 2-0 Champions League bracket pairing defeat.

The La Liga title is already slipping away with the sands of time, and now Real is getting sucked into the quicksand wonderfully disguised as the dreamers from Wolfsburg.

Currently sitting eighth in the Bundesliga, Die Wölfe figured they needed something else to highlight their season.

Their guests quickly helped them find one:

Clumsy, dudes.

Almost like this freeze frame of a spot kick:

The only difference was Ricardo Rodríguez meant to do that.


Frankly, Real doesn't have a great defense these days. Their wall has obvious cracks, and Wolfsburg found them:

Really? Aren't most cones orange?

Thought so.

Maximilian Arnold must be very pleased with the service from his friends.