Real Madrid Don't Need No Galácticos

Published on 19-Sep-2016 by srijan213
Soccer / Soccer Daily Update

Now, this is a Real fan.

The usual headliners were absent, but not to worry.

Real Madrid's checkbook makes certain of it.

More often than not in the La Liga segment of their schedule, they can roll out a suitable starting XI.

Reality can bite like that.

Espanyol's fans were no doubt disappointed that the Spanish giants didn't bring their big guns on this trip. Must've been a bummer to witness the rest of their roster lay a 0-2 decision on the homeboys.

Real's unsung hero --and Colombia's favorite -- James Rodríguez, opened their account just before what was a vanilla first half came to a close:

Yet another reason why dude was the best in the recent World Cup.

Karim Benzema fulfilled his role -- namely, of leading the team from the front -- with the goal that iced the game.

No one picks up the ball like Benzema in the penalty box. Dude's sense of timing is impeccable.

So much power without the main starters.

But that would be pushing their luck.

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