Real Madrid Annihilates Malmö

Published on 12-Dec-2015 by srijan213

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Real Madrid Annihilates Malmö

Los Blancos were in no mood to take anything for granted.

Disqualified from the Copa del Rey due to using a suspended player against minnows Cádiz, Real Madrid took out its frustrations on the southern Swedish side from Malmö, who were thrilled just to be in a Champions League pool.

The disparity in expectations was evident, and the Spanish giants rained down their power as if it was they who had the mighty Thor in their mythology:

Conversely, Malmö must've understood what it felt like to be in a battle with Jörmungandr in this one.

Real hammered the Himmelsblått, 8-0, as Cristiano Ronaldo broke yet another record.

The Portuguese superstar flashed a bit of his own magic, and Benzema was ever present with his tiger instincts to get this show on the road:

And the same happened again:

Malmö players must've felt blessed to be amongst the stars.

Ronaldo hadn't fired any of his classic free-kick bazookas for some time, but when he gets around to it ...

No one stops them.

Ronaldo wasn't done for the night, either, as he tucked in another one:

It takes instinct to be at the right place at the right time.

Usually, when Ronaldo has two goals to his name, he's odds-on for a hat trick:

And ring up another one.

Messi already lags behind in the Champions League scoring race, and Ronaldo increased the distance:

As if anyone needs a reminder, Real Madrid re-confirmed they can score more than tap-ins:

Karim Benzema also converted a two-goal night into a hatter:

History records that the Vikings did their bit in Spain, too, but their influence never got as far as Madrid. They still haven't.