Raheem Sterling Finally Showing His Worth

Published on 22-Oct-2015 by srijan213

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Raheem Sterling Finally Showing His Worth

The dosh-lavished route from Liverpool to Manchester City for Raheem Sterling is looking quite worthwhile now.

Dude's the man in the moment as City massacred Bournemouth, 5-1.

The Sky Blues have been hit by a tsunami of injuries but not enough to stop them from winning.

And the Etihad Stadium was raining with goals on this day.

When you're small, you can get overlooked. Sterling made full use of that:

Wilfried Bony did just the opposite:

When you're big, everyone bows in front of you. Apparently, even the goalkeeper.

While City was keeping it short, Bournemouth showed them how to play long:

That's how the Poppies got promoted to the Premiership, but this match is an indication they might have a rough time of it trying to stay there.

Case in point: Sterling’s second was just pure class. Bournemouth seemed in awe. Too much so:

Sterling's hat trick was all about right place, right time. But that's a key element in life, isn't it?

Often, it's not the inventors who get the riches. It's the innovators.

In the end, this was a walk in the park for City.

But the joy still remains.