QPR Can Still Avoid the Drop

Published on 8-Apr-2015 by srijan213

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QPR Can Still Avoid the Drop

QPR has been battling relegation battle since the start and still are. But all may not be lost.

West London's version of Rangers pulled their biggest rabbit from the hat over the weekend, as they annihilated West Bromwich Albion 1-4 on the Baggies own pitch.

The Premiership may have all the drama of a pancake breakfast at the top of the table, but there's always gonna be action at the other end. And that's where QPR's peril lies. West Brom are sitting rather comfortably at mid-table, so it looks like they're mailing in the balance of the campaign. For QPR, on the other hand, this result was more than just three points.

Now, they're in with a shout:

Premiership relegation race

Eduardo Vargas, a loanee for QPR initiated the proceedings with a dipping rocket:

That was the good news. The bad news, though, is that Vargas sustained a knee injury later in the half and is done for the season.

It was QPR’s favorite son, Charlie Austin, who netted the next one.

Right place, right time. The Art of Striking 101.

QPR's cavalcade of goals included one that was a bit special. In every single way:

No one expected a shot, let alone a goal. Even the fans at the back didn’t immediately comprehend what had just happened. Bobby Zamora's got quite a flick.

West Brom actually made an effort in the 58th minute through Victor Anichebe:

But then, things went horribly wrong.

Youssouf Mulumbu got sent off for a silly foul, which wasn't the only dumb thing he's done lately.

Yes, Joey Barton has had his moments, but there was no need to elbow him in the face. Unless general principles is considered reason enough. And it could be:

It's all enough to put a tear in old Joe Jordan's eye.

Joe Jordan

'I've nae teeth but I'll take yours' ... Scotland v Sweden, 1981

Joe Jordan ...

  • Is the dude who bit the Apple logo.
  • Leaves his message before the beep.
  • Doesn't need GPS to decide where he is.
  • Went into a Burger King, ordered a Big Mac, and was served.
  • Does push-ups by pushing the world down.

Actually, Barton's not that bad of a footballer. He scores goals, too.