PSG Are Still the Alpha Dog in France

Published on 10-Nov-2015 by srijan213

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PSG Are Still the Alpha Dog in France

The French playground may be small, but Paris St Germain owns it.

Les Rouge-et-Bleu confirmed that point emphatically with a 5-0 pasting of Toulouse to mark their territory.

The big-time dosh tossers are big-time scorers, as well. They showed in a little pond what it couldn't against bigger fish like Real Madrid.

Ángel Di Maria has travelled all over the globe, but his talent's remained intact:

Dude's fond of turning set pieces into goals.

Zlatan Ibrahimović can create goals on his own, but this time, the opposition decided to make his job easier:

He doesn't miss those.

PSG then showed that they don't need any help with headers:

That one had FIFA 16 written all over it.

Ibrahomivić returned to haunt the Toulouse defense:

He’s got the moves of both a jaguar and Jagger.

Ibrahimović then put on his passing boots to assist in the final goal:

In short, Toulouse just got punked.

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