Porto Does a Thomas Wolfe on Mourinho

Published on 1-Oct-2015 by srijan213

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Porto Does a Thomas Wolfe on Mourinho

Chelsea are having a disastrous campaign, both domestically and internationally.

The homecoming party for José Mourinho turned out to be a revengefest, as Porto defeated the visiting Blues, 2-1.

Seems like the Special One's pack-it-in defensive emphasis has also packed in the offense, no matter the competition.

It did take 39 minutes for the home side to break through, with honors done by the Portuguese poster boy for two-mints-in-one, André André:

Chelsea’s defensive zone must be a hot dating spot, because no one disturbs you when you're there.

The ruble-fueled giant flashed was money can buy in added time befor the half, with Willian showing a sniper's touch:

You know it is a good one when Casillas does nothing about it. After all, he's the best 'keep in Champions League history.

Visions of trois points didn't last long, though. Willian's strike may have put the Blues back in it, but then they went and stepped in it:

Any team that allows a score from near post has defensive issue.

Infamous hard man Joe Jordan would be spinning in his grave after seeing an opponent get to that cross untouched. Even if he isn't dead.