Poland Needs to Polish Its Game

Published on 2-Jun-2016 by srijan213

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Poland Needs to Polish Its Game

With Euro 2016 right around the corner, this was not the kind of match Poland wanted.

The Białe Orły -- White Eagles -- took on the fallen legion of Holland in a tune-up friendly, and were harshly reminded about sleeping dogs in a 1-2 stunner.

The Netherlands may have wet the bed in the qualifying stage, but they certainly made their presence felt on this occasion.

The Oranje kept knocking on the Polish door and finally broke it down when Vincent Janssen scored the opener:

There's a Dutchman who surely knows how to fly.

Still, it wasn't all paling and tulips for the Netherlands, as Artur Jedrzejczyk brought down the rain:

Seems like Poland also knows a thing or two about flying.

Georginio Wijnaldum produced some excellent football for Newcastle United, and he's doing the same for his country, too:

The Netherlands’ football future definitely looks bright with his skills in play.

And after this display, they probably felt like replacing the Poles at the Euros.

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