Peru's OK with Being Copa's No 3

Published on 5-Jul-2015 by srijan213

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Peru's OK with Being Copa's No 3

After an impressive run as underdogs in the Copa América, Peru and Paraguay actually staged a consolation match that appeared as if they actually wanted to be there.

In that respect, Peru wanted it more, to the tune of a 2-0 result.

According to most, the game for third place is the most brutal punishment in football. No one really cares nor remembers, but Peru will take it with open arms. It's once in a blue moon kind of stuff for teamsides like Peru and Paraguay to reach such heights.

After a scoreless first half, Peru got its offensive act together three minutes after play resumed:

The dudes played it like volleyball. Three touches and then André Carrillo finished with a well-timed sweeping shot. Classic.

Peru's back four showcased their clearing expertise more than once, but this effort by Carlos Ascues to deny Paraguay the equalizer was far and away the most dramatic:

The match was finally wrapped up by Mr Peru himself, the hat-trick hero, Paolo Guerrero.

Every ball that edges the box finds him there to escort it home.

Well done, Peru.