Peru Moves On; Bolivia's Gone

Published on 27-Jun-2015 by srijan213

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Peru Moves On; Bolivia's Gone

This wasn't the sort of marquée match one would expect on a Friday at the Copa América.

It was more like an underdog undercard, but at least it guarantees the potential of a huge upset in the semi-finals.

Peru defeated Bolivia, 3-1, to get there, thanks to a hat trick from Paolo Guerrero.

Obviously, as the scoreline infers, Señor Guerro was on Front Street from the start:

The perfect ball and the perfect head to nod it home.

Then, who else? As the analyst observes, Guerrero was full of the Old Ned:

Given the stage and the stakes, one would've thought  the Bolivian defenders could've put in a bit more effort.

The hat-trick goal for Guerrero was a given. Literally, given:

Luck favors those who work hard, expecially for those who can intercept. It's tempting to ask what Danny Bejarano was thinking, but it's clear he wasn't.

Dude's netted more goals than the entire Colombian squad in this competiton.

Bolivia gained a sliver of hope when they won a penalty:

There's no lack of drama queens in football, either. Luis Advíncula has a 'ways to go, though, if he wants to rank with the masters:

But, on with the show, which in this match of obviosities, was ... well ... not surprising:

So, Peru now draws the host club, Chile.

Daunting. But not impossible. They've just gotta believe and hope Guerrero stays hot.