Paris St-Germain Dismiss Chelsea with Style

Published on 13-Mar-2015 by srijan213

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Paris St-Germain Dismiss Chelsea with Style

The highly anticipated clash of leaders from different worlds ended oh-so-drastically.

Paris St-Germain drew 2-2 at Stamford Bridge and advanced in the Champions League competition, courtesy of the away-goal rule.

Chelsea have been the Premiership's alpha dog this season, especially in their home groundl. But that aura seems to fade away when it comes to contenders from other lands. That seems to be a recurring problem for England' big guns nowadays.

Before all the goals happened, Zlatan Ibrahimović happened.

Chelsea usually hate the color red, but this time, they embraced it with open arms.

In Ibra’s defense, they did resemble an 11-baby nursery.

A 10-man PSG squad looked an easy job for the Premiership's leaders, but was it?

The match went according to mastermind Mourinho’s plan, as the Blues scored late but first, through Gary Cahill:

How many times has Chelsea’s defense taken the attacker’s role? OK, that's a rhetorical question.

Then came David Luiz, an ex-Chelsea player, to level it all up.

Sometimes, the afro look helps. Must've had rocket fuel in it somewhere, too.

The match went to extra time, and Chelsea were given a lifeline in the 96th minute by Thiago Silva, the Brazilian captain.

This isn't volleyball, dude. You can’t do that.

Eden Hazard was as cool as a cucumber with the penalty:

Silva did atone for his earlier sin with a fine-fine header in the 114th minute:

Now, that you can do in football.

It also presented a talking point. Namely, Chelsea should first solve their own issues if they want to prevail next time.

Terry and Cahill confusion

Final verdict: 10-man PSG > 11-man Chelsea.

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