Paraguay's Pair Matches Argentina's Openers

Published on 14-Jun-2015 by srijan213

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Paraguay's Pair Matches Argentina's Openers

Argentina is the team to beat in the Copa América, but a 2-2 draw against Paraguay has placed a big question mark by them.

Los Gauchos have everything in their arsenal, as usual, and with the magic touches of Lionel Messi, they're capable of true greatness.

Capable being the key qualifier. Sometimes, the opponent doesn't see it that way.

Paraguay looked to be a walkover, the way things began:

Whoa! Did that look like a joy ride in the Andes, or what?

The tournament's in Chile, not Bolivia. And the Argentines looked in complete control of the road.

Then along came a penalty as Ángel di Maria couldn't be contained:

Who else but Messi would step up?

And what else to expect from the best player in the world?

But then, the road got bumpy.

Paraguay began to make itself known.

Now that's how you start a comeback.

And that's how you bring the World Cup finalists to their knees.

Well done, Paraguay.

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