OK, So Man Utd Has Room to Improve This Season

Published on 31-Jul-2015 by srijan213

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OK, So Man Utd Has Room to Improve This Season

Manchester United has been rolling out the dosh and rolling in the summertime triumphs, but their short bus to success hit a bump in Chicago.

The Red Devils' were outmaneuvered by Paris St-Germain at Soldier Field, 2-0.

In so doing, Les Rouge-et-Bleu hoisted North America's edition of the ersatz International Champions Cup, that spiffy little competition designed to put pizzazz into the pre-season and mega-lolly in the tills for relatively meaningless run-outs.

United knew it wasn't going to be their night when this happened:

David de Gea damn near got an assist for PSG. Got to admit, though, he put that pass right on the laces. Wonder what Real Madrid thought of that?

And de Gea's nightmare didn't just end there:

Dude, the saying's as old as the hills: He who hesitates is lost.

PSG's second had nothing to do with blunders. It was just pure class:

United did an outstanding presentation of the Terra Cotta Army, but since Zlatan Ibrahimović isn't into performance art, he merely got on with the game.

If he's the mystery striker that Luis van Gaal keeps dropping hints about, then the Red Devils are in for a treat.