Now We Know: Don't Make Bayern Munich Mad

Published on 22-Apr-2015 by srijan213

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Now We Know: Don't Make Bayern Munich Mad

Frankly, who didn't know this was coming?

Bayern Munich made amends for wetting the bed down in Portugal.

The German Blitzmachine was at full throttle as it bid a farewell to FC Porto's Champions League hopes by smashing them to smithereens to the tune of 6-1 in this second-leg beatdown. For the record, the aggregate was 7-4 and the reality was Schadenfreude.

Laying a six-spot on their hapless visitors confirmed once again that Allianz Arena is still the fortress that it was years ago.

Bayern started early, as Thiago Alcântara put his head to the task:

Nail a cross like that, and even a mishit can become a goal.

Their second also came from a noggin-knocker, this time from Jérôme Boateng:

Note that these were the beginning of a devastating five-goal cascade in the first half.

Next in line was a third header, this time from Bavaria's most popular Pole, Robert Lewandowski:

No wonder Dortmund are in a crisis after his absence.

Then, frustration kicked in for Fabiano, Porto's 'keeper.

The Brazilian was first bad with his hands and now with his feet. He was surely seeing red, but this time, at least, he wasn't getting a red.

Adding to Porto's misery, Lewandowski switched into his adreleline mode.

Nimble, dude. He can find space anywhere, anytime. Now we know why Bayern wanted him so badly ... and are set on keeping him.

So, that was the wreckage done before half. After that, suffice it to say Porto was allowed a lovely parting gift in the second 45:

Jackson Martínez wanted to provide a friendly reminder that he was still out there.

With everything over except the fireworks, Xabi Alonso decided the 88th minute was a good time to strike the spark.


Every Bayern player brought his A-Game to the stage. Can't say that for the coach:

Pep Guardiola ripped his pants during  Bayern-Porto

Mia san mia, baby!