North London Derby Stalemated

Published on 12-Nov-2015 by srijan213

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North London Derby Stalemated

A fierce rivalry featuring two teams with a similar need to win still found a way to disappoint.

Arsenal hosted its arch-nemesis, Tottenham, and all the sides could manage was a 1-1 draw.

This derby has a reputation as a Premiership goalfest that doles out trois points at the end, but this wasn't that kind of night.

It was England’s favorite new boy, Harry Kane, who sent a shiver down Arsenal's collective spine:

Two weeks before, he would've missed an empty net, but now, the HurriKane's back.

Should they give him a Ballon d'Or now, England?

Spurs actually bullied the Gunners for most of the match, but it only takes a goal to turn the tide.

And it changed when Kieran Gibbs went short side:

For three years, dude's been off the scoresheet, and now, he rings one up by entering as a substitute defender playing as an attacking position in the dying moments.

That's a movie script right there.

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