Netherlands Shows Austria How It’s Done

Published on 7-Jun-2016 by srijan213

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Netherlands Shows Austria How It’s Done

The phrase better late than never sounds good on the face of it.

But even though the Netherlands storied attack force is back, Euro 2016 will never see it.

That's what happens when a side dithers its way through the qualification stage.

So all they've got for a spotlight is the sideshow of friendlies.

Austria is making a rare appearance at the tourney, though, hopefully remembering that ski bindings won't be necessary on their boots.

It's safe to say their fans were justifiably piste at the outcome.

It was one-way traffic for the Dutch in a 0-2 display of what should've been.

The first goal by Vincent Janssen silenced the Austrian herd:

When the big dog roars, you stay put.

Netherlands then came up with a rather impressive build-up to seal the deal:

Geroginio Wijnaldum knows nothing else other than winning the matches. Netherlands' future is in safe feet with such youngsters.

But Euro 2016 will not be the same without the mighty Dutch.